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Welcome. We were fortunate to be able to complete our 2019-20 season except for the last concert which is planned to take place at a future date.

Until the all-clear is given for staging live music performances we wish you a safe period of work and/or isolation. Hopefully, music will play its part in enabling you to see your way through these difficult times and, as our musicians for next season have already been scheduled, being able to enjoy our concerts again in October.

Jonathan Richards – guitar and Syrinx – recorders

  • Jonathan: Dowland, Tansman, Tarrega and others
  • Syrinx: from Elizabethan to jazz
  • Jonathan + Syrinx: Vivaldi guitar concerto

Jonathan is an accomplished guitarist who has visited us many times over the years and tonight he returns with music extending from the Elizabethan age through to the early 20th century jazz period.

Syrinx is composed of Catherine Robinson (Director), Alan Collins, Carolyn Sherlock and Joy Shutt.

Isata, Konya and Jeneba Kanneh-Mason

  • Konya:
    • Haydn: Sonata in Eflat major No 59
    • Liszt: Sonetto Del Petrarca 104
  • Isata:
    • Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit (with poetry)
  • Jeneba:
    • Scarlatti: Sonata K29 in D major
    • Rachmaninov: Étude-Tableau No 5
    • Glinka-Balakirev: The Lark
    • Bartok: Étude No 1
  • Isata:
    • Beethoven: Sonata Pathetique

Following her performance here last year with brothers Sheku and Braimah, Isata returns with two of her piano-playing sisters from this incredible family.

Before each movement of the Ravel we will have the relevant poem by Aloysius Bertrand which inspired Ravel to write this music and club member Denis Pithon will help us to understand why.

Jonathan Radford – saxophone and Kaoli Ono – piano

  • Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue for soprano, alto and tenor saxophone and piano
  • Debussy: Rhapsodie for alto saxophone and piano
  • Grieg: (violin) sonata op.8
  • Lauba Christian: Jungle for solo alto saxophone
  • Vitali Tomaso: Chaconne in G minor
  • Vivancos Bernat: Moustik’s Etude
  • Albeniz: Suite Española op.47 – # 1 Granada, #5 Asturias, #3 Sevilla
  • Iturralde Pedro: Pequeña Czarda

The highly gifted saxophonist on the prestigious Making Music AYCA scheme is joined by the equally impressive Kaoli from the Conservatoire de Lyon.

Jonathan attended Chethams, obtained his MA in Paris where he was the first British saxophonist to enter Claude Delangle’s world famous class and now continues his studies at the Royal College of Music.

Kaoli Ono has just completed her repetiteur studies at the Paris Conservatoire including a year in Berlin.

McLachlan family

  • W.A.Mozart: piano concertos 9, 12, 13, 14

Rose, Matthew, Callum and Murraydemonstrate their pianistic prowess in transcriptions of four of Mozart’s piano concertos and Elizaveta Saul brings her quartet with three ex-Chetham’s students who performed the Schumann Quintet recently.

We as a club offer them an unusual opportunity while they give us fantastic music.