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Artist Details

  • Christiana Mavron
  • Katy Rowe
  • Niamh Ferris
  • Lucy Simmonds
  • www.mavronquartet.co.uk

Their programme includes

  • Borodin String Quartet No 2
  • Korngold String Quartet
  • Part Fratres

Mavron is a Welsh quartet of 10 years standing; the quartet has enjoyed two residencies including the National Concert Hall of Wales.

The group is committed to music from varying eras and has commissioned a number of new works.

An important recent development is that the quartet has been chosen by the Concert Promoters’ Group of Making Music.

The programme contrasts well with the Ardeo concert from the autumn and club members may have the chance to find out about some music they never even knew existed.

For example a short piece by Arvo Part, and some music which appears in the film “”Kismet”: this film reference may tug a few chords in the audience.