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Artist Details

  • Madeleine Mitchell, violin
  • Kyle Horch, saxophone
  • Andrew Ball, piano

Club members will have heard Madeleine previously but although I have not heard her play live, I am aware that we have a superb violinist with top drawer pedigree and the most complimentary

She is much in demand both in the UK and internationally and for a wide variety of styles of music.
Madeleine is bringing two other players associated with the Royal College of Music one of whom, Andrew Ball, is known to many in Rhyl. Kyle Horch began his studies in Chicago and then pursued
them at the Guildhall. He is now Professor of Saxophone at the Royal College.
I have arranged for a special evening of classical music with a distinct jazz background. One highlight will be an arrangement of some movements from the Shostakovich Jazz Suites, this being
perhaps the most easily accessible of his music.
This is a concert where you can invite your friends because we have marvellous semi-modern music and fabulous musicians.