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Ellis has been a Club member for many years and has one concert for us later this season followed by 2 next season.

He leaves Downing, Cambridge, this summer and has a place in London where he can continue his studies with Tessa Nicholson, a much respected teacher. Musicians often apply to the institution where their teacher works as is the case here – Ellis has travelled to london regularly throughout his time in Cambridge.

Next year’s treat for our Club is the 5 Beethoven cello sonatas with Ellis and Gerard. These form a major part of the cello repertoire and the Club wants to give you a chance to hear them all in the course of a single season. 3 years ago we gave you the 10 Beethoven violin sonatas and they are still being performed around Wales by Mary and Richard. We are doing our best to give you the 3 Brahms violin sonatas as well, these with Rose and Esther. Some fantastic listening awaits us.