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Vale of Clwyd Singers

Directed by Robert Sells

  • A varied selection of a cappella choral music.

The choir performed a selection from several centuries of western music at the recent North Wales International Music Festival.

Robert Sells has carved out a second career in his “retirement”. His time as a transplant surgeon is well documented although he had originally wanted to study music.

I believe the pancreas was one of his specialties but now I suppose you could say that through music he “operates” on the human heart.

Nicki Pearce – cello and Christina Mason-Scheuermann – piano

  • Schumann Adagio and allegro (cello/piano)
  • Chopin 2nd Ballade (piano solo)
  • Scriabin 9th Sonata (piano solo)
  • Chopin Polonaise brillante (cello/piano)
  • Rachmaninov Sonata (cello/piano)

A popular programme has been assembled by two local musicians. Nearly everybody will know 3 of these pieces if they have been regular visitors to our concerts but I am delighted that a short Sonata by Scriabin has been included.

Expect 9-10 minutes of an intriguing sound world with this one.

Christina comes from this area but worked in Germany for many years. She is now most supportive of music in North Wales. Nicki has been to the Club several times with the WCO and she now works in the music department at Bangor.

Dinara Klinton – piano

Dinara took the place of fellow Ukrainian Alexei Grynyuk at short notice and with both her sensitivity and virtuosity was an exceptional find for the club.

Jørgensen Trio

  • Cecilia Bignall – cello
  • Olga Jørgensen – violin
  • Antonia Kesel – piano


  • Beethoven Opus 1 no. 2
  • Ravel Piano Trio
  • Takemitsu Piano trio

A trio from the Royal Academy of Music with a programme to provide interest for varied tastes. Have we had anything by Takemitsu at the club? Perhaps the Rain Tree sketch for piano? I don’t know this piece but have found out that it lies somewhere between Debussy and Duke Ellington according to one opinion.

The trio is often called “Between Tides”; the to-and-fro of waves underlies the music.


The four members of Tubalaté are Paul Walton and John Powell (euphoniums), Ryan Breen and Les Neish (tubas).

Music by:

  • Gorb
  • Nicklas Schmidt
  • JSBach
  • Buckland
  • Forbes
  • McQueen
  • Scott
  • Stevens and McGarr

Brass bands have been crucial in assisting many youngsters to develop an interest and expertise in music and this certainly applies to John Powell.

This evening’s concert showcases repertoire from the last 25 years, offering many different styles and sounds.

Mary Hofman – violin and Richard Ormrod – piano

  • Dvorak 4 Romantic pieces
  • Bartok Out of doors suite
  • Janacek Sonata
  • Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie
  • Enescu Sonata no 3

Mary and Richard have studied and performed internationally but they live in a delightful cottage in Snowdonia so this is also a local concert. I recently heard the 1st Enescu Sonata and asked Mary to include it but she argued for the 3rd which is an altogether more mature piece.

Expect virtuosity! Their programme includes outright Romantic music as well as music from the 20th century.

The Bartok and Chopin are piano solos.